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EON: Chapter One



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joeygraceffa: #blessed with beauty and rage

Joey Graceffa by Michael Becker [x][x][x][x]

Watch Eon by JOEY GRACEFFA on demand!

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Positivity Week- Day 1

Suicide is the third leading cause of death for people aged 15-24. This subject is closest to me and something that I’ll never hesitate to help someone out with. When you’re suicidal, your brain is trapped in this terrifying mind set and you forget how many people actually care and love for you. I remember last year riding in the car with my best friend who had just lost her sister the previous year. We were crossing over a bridge and her mom goes, “Remember this bridge? Anita always used to love going over this bridge.” And she started tearing up. I think it’s then when I realized how much death can have an effect on your loved ones. Something as simple as crossing a bridge will remind them of you. And then I thought, this is what would happen if I killed myself. Everything my loved ones would do would remind them of me and bring them pain, and that’s something that I would never want to happen. 


Things get better. I know you’ve heard this before and I know you might not believe it, but there is nothing that I have faith in more than the fact that everything is gonna pick up. If you don’t believe me, believe Joey. He was rejected by his dream school Emerson and was heart broken. Give a few years, he moved out to LA and now has over 3 million subscribers and over 237 million views, and those numbers grow every day. He even has his own web series that let him tour across the country and open so many new doors. I could literally go on for hours about how successful he is now.


Stay in touch with the things and people you love. Make a playlist of your favorite Joey videos. I have one and it may have 200+ videos in total but hey, he always brightens my day when I need it. If one of your favorite bands is coming near you, go out and see them, even if you’re all alone. You’ll meet new people and they might even become your best friends. A lot of my best friends are people I’ve met at concerts and online because they’ve gone through what I’ve gone through and they just get it. And it’s always fun to freak out over a celebrity together, yaknow?

How Joey's helped

I mean, if you’ve been on tumblr for even a week, you’d easily see how much Joey’s helped people. My absolute favorite thing is seeing posts about how Joey’s encouraged someone to stop cutting or how he’s made their day a lot better. He’s made me smile on every single bad day I’ve had and I’m so grateful to have him in my life.

And like I said, things will get better. You may even meet your favorite band this year, or find your true love, or meet your favorite YouTuber… I heard that Joey Graceffa guy is really rad. Just hang in there and stay strong. I’m always here for you, and Joey is too. Remember that he loves you. That’s enough of a reason to smile, right? Joey loves you. Yeah, that’s a good feeling. :)

piersonfode: Spotted a vlogger in it’s natural environment I believe it’s a @joeygraceffa #WrangleEm

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Connor Franta & Joey Graceffa at The Streamy Awards 2014

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